Instant Taro Latte Milk Tea Powder 2lb

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Product Overview

Taro milk tea has been gaining popularity in the last few years thanks to its unique purple color and nutty flavor. In our Taro Latte Milk Tea Mix, by adding real ground taro powder to a proprietary formula, we are able to kick up this well-loved flavor profile one notch. You will enjoy an enhanced aroma, balanced sweetness, extra smoothness, and most importantly, knowing you don't need to worry about preservatives, gluten or high fructose corn syrup in each and every sip. Paired with our instant boba pearls, it makes an easy, economical and sure winner.

What's included:

2lb Taro Latte Milk Tea Powder
*Good for about 26 cups.

Product Features

1. Low cost per serving.
2. Real ground taro powder added for smoother taste and natural aroma
3. Great for boba tea
4. Free of gluten or preservatives
5. No high fructose corn syrup
6. Shelf stable


(No reviews yet) Write a Review