What does Boba Fide stand for?

We name our product line Boba Fide because our goal is to bring authentic, Bona Fide, tea shop flavor boba tea to your table. Besides, just like some people who can't live without coffee, we are huge fans of boba and need to get "bobafied" everyday!

Where are your boba products produced?

Boba tea was invented in Taiwan and all our boba products are manufactured there in HACCP and ISO certified facilities following our proprietary recipes.

Does your milk tea blend contain caffeine?

We use real tea powder in our milk tea blend and therefore there is a tiny trace of caffeine.

How much microwave time should I use to heat up boba pearls?

When heating up boba pearls in your microwave oven, we suggest starting with 25 seconds. If boba is still hard inside, increase by a few seconds. If boba is overcooked and become too soft to your liking, decrease by a few seconds. Because every microwave is different, experiment to find the sweet spot.

What if I don't have a microwave oven?

Our boba pearls can be heated up in boiling water too. Simply add packet to boiling water without making a cut first, let it sit for 90 seconds or adjust time to your desired level of chewiness.

How to prepare boba pearls in big quantities? I have a party coming up.

We suggest using boiling water for heating up boba pearls in large quantities since heating them up one by one in microwave oven takes more time.

I ordered products here but they are delivered by Amazon. Why?

Depending on your mailing address, we utilize different shipping services for fastest delivery. Amazon Logistics is a fulfillment service offered by Amazon and if they are able to bring products to your doorstep faster than UPS, Fedex, USPS etc., we will choose them.