Variety Flavor Boba Tea Kit (Brown Sugar + Taro)

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Product Overview

By popular demand, we now put both Brown Sugar and Taro Latte Boba Tea Kits into a single value-added pack. You can get 2 of the most popular boba flavors at the same time and avoid analysis paralysis. Besudes, it's such a great reward for yourself and an even greater gift idea for family and friends! Did we say shipping is free? Order one (or two) today!

What's included:

6 x Premium Brown Sugar Milk Tea Mix 

6 x Premium Taro Latte Milk Tea Mix

6 x Instant Brown Sugar Boba Pearls Packet

6 x Instant Honey Boba Pearls Packet

2 x Stainless Steel Boba Straw + 2 x Protection Tip + Cleaning Brush + 1 Storage Canvas Bag

Total makes 12 drinks in 2 flavors

Product Features

1. 2 popular boba tea flavors put together at a great price

2. Make creamy, chewy boba tea in 1 minute

3. Real taro powder added for a naturally sweet, nutty flavor

4. Chewy boba pearls only need 25 seconds to heat up in the microwave oven. Cooking and hassle free, yay!

5. Honey boba exclusively available at Boba Fide

6. Boba pearls are soaked in real brown sugar syrup and real honey for natural, authentic flavors

7. Gluten free

8. Preservatives free


(No reviews yet) Write a Review