Instant Honey Boba Pearls

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Product Overview

* Boba Fide Exclusive *

Following the success of our Instant Brown Sugar Boba Pearls, a sweet honey version was developed by our team. Besides all the same great features and yumminess, our honey boba pearls will bring a whole new flavor profile to your table and make boba tea even more exciting. And they are just so cute to look at, don't you agree? A kids' favorite for a good reason!

Kit includes:

12 x Instant Honey Boba Pearls Packet

Total 12 servings

Product Features

1. Only needs 25 seconds to heat up in the microwave oven. Cooking and hassle free, even kids can do it!

2. Soaked in real honey syrup for a natural, authentic flavor

3. Goes well with all kinds of drinks, especially herbal tea and fruit tea. We love it in smoothies too!

4. Individually packed for freshness and convenience. 

5. Only premium ingredients are used

6. Free of gluten or preservatives

7. Vegan

8. No high fructose corn syrup


(No reviews yet) Write a Review